Waby Help Page

Get the related help guide on How to use waby social.


Cover photo Resoulution:

Minimum width 1108px & Minimum height 360px with Centered items.

Profile Photo Resoulution:

Minimum 512*512 & Best size 1024*1024 with Centered face or icon items.


Verification FAQs.

Who can apply for verification?

Notable people or brands with Wikipedia or have news articles on them in the reputed news publishers are allowed to have verification badge. and this can be done from personal profile settings page or from the page settings.

Required Docs: 

Personal: One photo & Identification file.

Brand or Products pages: Location photo & Company identification file.

All should be in image format.




How do I become an affiliate member?

Registered users are automatically our affiliate members. Once you are our member and verified your email. you can access the affiliate program from your setting.


How much do you earn from affiliate members?

You can earn up to Rs. 2 for each user you refer to. The referral link is generated automatically while creating a account on Waby Social.


How are my points tracked in the system?

Users can follow the  to track the users you have brought and amounts earned through the referral system.

Withdrawal Time: Takes about 24 hrs to 2 days for withdrawal to pass. and Minimum withdrawal is Rs. 10.